two cupped hands holding soil in the shape of a heart, with a green sprout coming out of the soil


Classical Five-Element Acupuncuture, In Person Session

Each session is 50-60 minutes long, and you and I are together the whole time. We will talk and check in first, then I will take your pulses to assess the relative energy in each of the 12 main acupuncture meridians, and determine what is needed to help you. Then we'll use moxa (an herb we burn on the acupuncture points) and needles to do the treatment. Treatments are interactive; we work together. These are in-office at either my Santa Monica or Long Beach locations. Please note: Due to the pandemic, in-office sessions may be limited. 

Virtual and TeleMedicine Sessions

For inquiries and specific questions, please call or email me. I welcome discussions. 

Yoga and Meditation

If you are interested in having me guide you via kriya yoga and/or meditation techniques specific to your health issue, I welcome your queries!