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Types of Visits

There are five types of visits: 

-Initial consultation and treatment, 2 hours

-Follow-up or subsequent visits, 1 hour

-Quick follow-up or check-in, 15 minutes

-Extended visit (1.5 hours)

-Remote Consultations


Appointments are

-At either the Santa Monica or Long Beach office

-House Call

-Remote Consultations are via phone or video

During every treatment session, I spend the entire time with you. The treatment is an active and interactive process between you and me. These sessions not only get to the foundation of physical illness and pain, they address mental, emotional or spirit level distress or imbalance. You are given the opportunity to truly be seen, to your degree of comfort, in a very safe and trusting space.

The initial visit is two hours long. We will talk for the first ~45 minutes, where I'll ask you questions about your medical history, personal history, life activities and areas of your life and health that you'd like to change. Then I'll assess, via this beautiful medicine, areas of energetic imbalance, and correct them. You'll receive a full Classical Five Element Acupuncture (CFEA) treatment and recommendations on what you and I can do together to understand and maximize your healing process. 

Follow up or subsequent visits are 50-60 minutes long, and, like every CFEA treatment, I spend the whole time with you. We will talk and check in first, then I will take your pulses to assess the relative energy in each of the 12 main acupuncture meridians, and determine what is needed to help you. Then we'll use moxa (an herb I burn on the acupuncture points) and needles to do the treatment. 

Quick follow-ups/check-ins are ~15-20 minutes long. I'll assess your pulse picture and determine whether a "quick fix" or "boost" is needed to patch you through until your next full appointment. Sometimes I request you come back in for a pulse check after certain treatments - if I ask you to come back for a check-in, there's no fee. 

Extended Visits are scheduled at patients' requests, to allow more time for bodywork such as cupping, tuina, guasha or guided exercises, or meditations to assist in your growth outside regular visits. Some patients request longer sessions to simply allow time for additional talking (if you're working through a life issue and need a sounding board). 

Remote Consultations are via phone and typically are an hour long, but could be shorter or longer, depending on the situation.

- You can use this option if you're seeing me for the first time and want to minimize your time in the office, due to the pandemic. In this case, we would conduct part of the first portion (part of the talking and discussion) of the initial session via phone, and you'd come into the office for the second portion. 

- You can also use this option if you are a true believer in energetic healing work and intuitive or coaching help. If you're interested and want to know more, please call or send me a message and we can talk. 

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