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What to Expect

If you've not had Classical Five Element Acupuncture (CFEA) before, you're in for a new experience. This is a system of medicine that stands alone and is unlike other forms of acupuncture.  

Your initial visit is a 2-hour appointment. We'll do a comprehensive history, physical exam, explanation of the medicine and how we will work with it, and I'll answer any questions you have. I'll test for and clear energetic blocks and we'll do a full acupuncture treatment. Ideally, I will see you initially 4-5 times, one week apart. This starts the healing process and sets a new course for your physiology. After the 4th, visit, the number and frequency of treatments needed for your situation will be assessed. 

We heal at the speed of nature. Some healing is quick; some is more methodical. I truly believe it is in your birthright to feel healthy, happy and whole. My goal is to help clear the impedances to your innate ability to heal so you can then take it from there. Some patients will see me a few times for acute situations and then check back in when new issues arise. Most of my patients, once they understand how powerful this medicine can be, continue to receive (less frequent) treatments for preventive health care and maintenance of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The beauty of natural healing is that we become more authentically ourselves, with seemingly little effort, once those impedances are cleared away. This is the type of medicine that you get to keep; in other words, each session builds upon the last, and you incrementally create the internal pathways to a deeper capability. 

When you come in: Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, strongly scented lotions or hair/body products, and, if possible, refrain from wearing clothing dried with scented dryer sheets. I cannot stress this enough. Part of both diagnosing and tracking progress is related to...odors! Not the types of odors we usually tend to notice, but very subtle changes in our natural, beautiful human odors. I need you to come in as human as possible for me to do my best work. No makeup is ideal, but at the very least, please skip the foundation and eye concealer, as subtle changes in the natural colors that create your complexion help me diagnose and follow progress as well. Wear comfortable clothing, but please go ahead and dress like you normally do! Two-piece outfits work best, as I'll need to access your back, abdomen, upper chest and areas on your arms and legs. Follow your regular routines and take any medications you've been prescribed. 


Santa Monica office: There is one reserved spot behind the building. Once you schedule, the spot number will be shared with you. If you arrive and the spot is taken, please opt for street parking so we can start on time. Street meter parking is available on Olympic Blvd (closest) and also on Colorado Blvd. Some free spots are available on the west side of 11th street, but these fill quickly. 

Entrance to the Santa Monica building: The doors are code entry. The code is given after scheduling. 

For the Long Beach office, street parking is typically plentiful. There is a school nearby; between 8-9am and 2:00-3:30pm you'll need more time for parking.  


I'm so happy to offer my knowledge, skill and expertise, help, support, love and healing to you. 

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