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Ethics in the Field of Acupuncture - Advanced Course

2 hours, Online

Actions and decisions are either ethical or they are not, no matter how varied the situation. This Advanced Course is an in-depth discussion of ethics in relation to maintaining your Acupuncture practice, growing into your own professionalism and your ongoing role as a representative in the field. It provides guidelines for those areas that become more of a gray-zone once you’ve been in practice for some time. This course also brings into discussion social media and public image, teaching and mentoring, expanding or cutting back on your practice, collaboration and patient management. Using the base principles of Aristotle’s discourse on ethics and the Declaration of Geneva, this course takes you out of the theoretical realm and into the nuts and bolts of how we handle patients and ourselves in real time as dynamic, caring, and evolving people. Mary’s lecturing style is accessible, clear, friendly, and penetrating. She delivers the information with relatable examples from real life and applies the core principles of ethics in a way that brings out your confidence in knowing how to appropriately balance passion and caution.

  • Students will learn how to apply core principles of ethics to deal with more complex situations in practice.

  • Students will gain understanding of ethics as applied to a sustained and mature practice.

  • Students will learn how to grow their practice and professionalism from a strong center of ethical integrity.

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