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The Fire Element

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The Fire Element is the essence of maturation and expansion. The fullness of the sun in summer, the zenith of the heat of the year, the ripening of vegetation and the emotions of love and joy emanating from the heart characterize this Element.

In us, there are four organ systems, or Officials, corresponding to the Fire Element: The Heart, the Heart Protector, the Small Intestine and the Triple Warmer or Three Heater. These Officials serve together to protect us from the blows of life, sorting out what is of purest importance, keeping us steady and moderate, and having command of our lives in the most compassionate manner.

The Heart itself is called The Supreme Controller, as it is the fair and loving leader, overseeing the workings of every other Official and all aspects of our being. Through the blood and the vessels, the Heart conducts, directs, sets priorities, limits and boundaries in our entire ecosystem of body, mind and spirit. Like the sun is the supreme driving force of life on earth, the Heart is the sun within us and without its warm, loving and compassionate light and the circulation and direction this brings, we would cease to flourish. Lao Tzu said, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” It is this unconditional love that is literally and figuratively at the heart of the Fire Element.

Summer is the season of Fire, and with it we have longer days and warmer nights. The crops are full with the maturing fruits of our labor and the work of planting is in the past, while the work of the harvest is yet to come. We have time to be in the present; with a long day length and the warmth and movement that summer brings, we can spend time with family and friends and share the joy that summer, and the Fire Element, have to offer. When we draw this into our lives, bringing forth our love, joy, compassion, trust, intimacy, passion, openness and communication, it carries us through the cold, dark times.

We are continually cycling through manifestations and expressions of every Element, through the seasons of the year, the cycles of our lives, and within each portion and moment of the day. Each Element depends on the others to operate at optimum potential; when this happens, we experience a greater health and harmony. When Fire is out of balance, we can experience disharmony on any or all levels of body, mind and spirit, such as circulation issues, heart palpitations, variations in temperature regulation, cold hands and feet or toxicity anywhere in the body. We can be excited and exuberant one minute, cold and detached the next.

We know, by the grace of the Fire Element, how to warm up to someone and let them into our private lives versus when to keep relations at arm’s length. When out of balance, we let people in too quickly, leaving ourselves open to insult and injury, or we close the door to our hearts and can’t allow anyone in—and thus can’t share our warmth, love and friendship. With a harmonious equilibrium, the Fire Element creates an appropriate balance of warmth, communication, circulation, compassion and love.

The phrase “does it bring you joy?” is currently popular—this is at the heart of Fire.

To bring forth your joy, consider the following:

-Remember the last time you really laughed, and see if remembering it can make you laugh.

-Do something silly and fun, like dancing in the supermarket isle.

-Think of someone you love. Let it gush and warm your whole being.

-Recall a time when you knew you were in complete control of yourself, but it was effortless, without thought.

-Smile and greet a stranger, consciously, with your chest wide open.

-Trust that you are liked and loved, and are loving in return.

-Relax your inner busybody and simply enjoy being you.

With summer and the zenith of the Fire Element approaching, we invite you to warm your heart, relax and play and fall in love with your own inner sun.

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